Jojoba Oil Side Effects

Jojoba Oil Side Effects

Many of the commercial skin care products contain components which may or may not have side effects for people with sensitive skin. However, for the vast majority of people jojoba oil seems to be safe for most topical applications.

For many beauty and skin care experts, this makes it a great product to recommend to their clients. It can help them if they suffer from dry and flaky skin or it can calm oily patches depending on the person’s skin type. Unlike petroleum jelly (petroleum jelly based products) which is derived from fossil fuels, jojoba oil is the extract from the jojoba plant.

It can be used both as an ingredient for skin care lotions, moisturisers and shampoos
or it can be used directly in its pure state as, the oft the stated claim, is that jojoba
oil has a similar composition to the sebum produced by the skin.

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Are there any side effects from using Jojoba Oil?

With any product you are considering applying to your skin, it is worthwhile carrying out a patch test just in case you do have a reaction of any kind. However, it should be said that compared with many other (nut based) oils, allergic reactions are believed to be relatively uncommon although there have been reports that some people may have some sensitivity to jojoba oil (although these are rarer if you use a 100% pure brand from a reputable producer). Some claimed side effects from using jojoba oil may not be a reaction to the jojoba itself, rather other oils that it may have been combined with.

In addition, there have been some reports that some people may be affected by contact dermatitis, particularly with prolonged exposure (such as a massage therapist who is using jojoba oil as a carrier oil when massaging).

Oral consumption of jojoba oil is not recommended by most health care professionals (this is particularly relevant during pregnancy or when breast feeding). However, there are no specific recommendations not to use jojoba oil on the skin during pregnancy and many massage therapists do use it as their massage oil when performing prenatal or maternity massage.

If you start using jojoba oil (or jojoba oil products) directly on your skin and you observe changes to your skin that cause concern, then please stop applying the product and consult your health care professional.